The Games Golfers Play


Count and record every stroke played on each hole.


Points awarded in relation to a fixed score for each hole. Fixed score equals parr for hole plus players hole handicap. i.e. more than one over fixed score = no score: one stroke over = 1 point: equal = 2 points: 1 under fixed score = 3 points etc.


Teams of 2 players, play their own balls and result is obtained by multiplying scores together. I.e. 2 x 2 = 4 points: 3 x 0 = 0 points.


Usually played in pairs, each player plays their own ball and the best score for each hole is recorded on the card.


Played in pairs each player drives and then they hit each others ball then choose the best ball that is then played alternately by the players to the hole.


FOURSOMES (including Mixed)

Teams of two. One half of aggregate stroke handi­cap. Players play alternatively from tee and alternate shots on the remainder of each hole.  Penalties do not affect the playing of alternate shots.


AMERICAN FOURSOMES (including Mixed)

Teams of two.  Three eighths of aggregate stroke Handicap for ladies and mixed - half for members. Both players play from  the tee.  Each player then plays one shot with their partner’s ball. The players then decide which ball is to be played and this ball is then played alternately for the remainder of the hole.


CANADIAN FOURSOMES (including Mixed)

Teams of two.  One 3/8 of aggregate stroke handi­cap. Both players play from the tee and then decide on which ball is to be played.  The selected ball is then played alternately for the remainder of the hole.


CHAPMAN  FOURSOMES  (Including Mixed)

Teams of two. One third of aggregate stroke handicap. Each player plays from the tee and plays the next shot with his/her own ball.  The players then decide which ball is to be played and the selected ball is played alternately for the remainder of the hole.


IRISH FOURSOMES (including Mixed)

Teams of four.  Each player plays their own ball and the score recorded on the card is the best two stableford scored by any two of the four in the team.


AMBROSE (including Mixed)

Teams of four.  One eighth of aggregate stroke handi­cap. The Captain (the lowest handicapper) deter­mines the order of play from tee to green.  All players drive from the tee and the Captain then selects the best position from which all players play by dropping their ball within one club length of the selected ball. On the green, balls are placed within one handspan of the selected ball.  As a two ball (one quarter of the aggregate stroke handicap) and a three ball (one sixth of the aggregate stroke handicap), Ambrose must be played using the same procedure.



In Par play the score is entered on the card in the same way as in stroke play with the exception that where the score exceeds par for the hole, after allow­ing for handicap stroke (if player is in receipt of one) the score need not be written in.  It is the custom that when a player is beaten by par, the ball shall be picked up.  This helps speed up play. After entering the stroke score on the card, the result is marked in the column provided with a”+” sign for a win, an “0” for a half and a “-“ for a loss.  At the end of the round the plus and minus signs are added and the nett result written in as so many “up”, down or "all square” A player is allowed his full stroke handicap and the strokes are taken at holes as indicted on the card. Where the handicap is more than 18, two strokes will be allowed on the number of holes that the handicap exceeds 18.  Two strokes will be taken in the same order as followed for the first 18 holes unless the index goes beyond 18.